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Arcadia 2007

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About Scott Hewicker and King of Kings
Scott Hewicker SFMOMA curator, Janet Bishop says, "San Francisco-based artist Scott Hewicker creates psychedelic landscapes that exaggerate the sublime aspects of nature. Inspired by sources ranging from Symbolist painting to folk art to 60s and 70s album covers, Hewicker deftly paints unforgettable scenes, and King of Kings is his largest work to date."

From the Days Without End show at Rare Gallery
In the environments Hewicker creates, mountains form from clouds, meadows meld with oceans, and skies dwell in underground caves. Throughout these tableaux a variety of strange-looking flora and fauna make their homes in whatever nooks and crevasses are available. Thus, black furry creatures may be found perched precariously on hilltops overlooking lead-colored seas while phosphorescent butterflies gather on isolated icebergs under moonlit skies.

In paintings that defy the logic of the known sciences, the artist fashions a new world order that possesses an internal logic of its own. Each canvas is a self-contained microcosm occupied by lower orders of plants and animals that peacefully co-exist in a state of limbo where the effects of environmental degradation have produced very odd weather patterns and mutated life forms.

While human beings no longer inhabit these worlds, the results of their earlier handiwork are evident everywhere. Oceans are a sulfurous green, animals have little land on which to live and barely enough to eat, pink chemical clouds float through agate-tinted caves, and sunsets are anything but golden. The suggestion of unrest and danger lurking just beneath the surface is palpable.

Born in San Pedro, California, Hewicker earned his BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute; and in 2005, his MFA at Stanford. His work has been shown as part of major exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, Deitch Projects in New York, New Langton Arts in San Francisco, and the Berkeley Art Museum, and in solo gallery shows at Jack Hanley in San Francisco and Rare in New York."

Upcoming Show

Scott Hewicker and Cliff Hengst
Dual Exhibition and Book Release
September 14th - October 13th, 2007
Gallery 16
3rd and Bryant

Advance Inquiries
If you have questions or would like more information about Scott Hewicker's King of Kings, please send email to arcadia@echovar.com.

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